What is the Town Council?

It is a volunteer organization that is open to all Cardiff residents and persons having an interest in the Cardiff community.  Created in 1977, it serves as an organization to keep you informed on the goings on in Cardiff.

By keeping people informed and engaged, we help preserve our community’s character, promote Cardiff’s needs to the city and other agencies, and help to plan Cardiff’s future.

When does the Cardiff Town Council meet?

We do most of our work/engagement by email (and now social media as well).  We have Town Hall meetings when necessary and have Candidates Forums every other year when there are local elections.  These meetings are free and open to the public.

How much does a membership cost?

Membership has traditionally been $15 per year and has been since 1977.  However, as of now we are not taking dues (until we get our non profit status).  Your contributions help support our website, e-mail account, special notices, banners and fliers.

Some of our projects/accomplishments include:

  • Representing Cardiff’s interest on various Encinitas working groups.
  • Instrumental in getting the Cardiff I-5 viewpoint cleaned up.
  • Donated 20 palm trees to be planted in the So. Cardiff State Beach parking lot.
  • Established the flower boat at the SW corner of Chesterfield/101.
  • Saved our steep Birmingham walk from destruction.
  • Organized building the “Piece of the Walk” sidewalk project on Birmingham.
  • Instrumental in having Cardiff by the Sea added to the CalTrans sign on I-5.
  • Assisted in the beach park design at Seaside Beach, So. Cardiff.
  • Fought to keep our post office and 92007 zip code.
  • Instrumental in bringing MiraCosta College to Cardiff.
  • Responsible for the committee for the Preservation of the San Elijo Lagoon.
  • Helped in the on-going fight for future undergrounding of utilities in Cardiff.
  • Installed the Cardiff by the Sea sign at Birmingham/I-5.
  • Led the fight against excessive sewer assessment fees.