Cardiff by the Sea, in the northern part of San Diego County, is a charming, beautiful and friendly beach town.

The founder and creator of this village was J. Frank Cullen, a painter from Boston, turned developer.  He surveyed this area in 1910.  The land was cultivated by Hector MacKinnon who settled here in 1875 and was the only farmer between Oceanside and San Diego, along the coast.

Cullen christened the large tract of land after Cardiff, Wales, and named the streets after places in the British Islands.  He envisioned a seaside community playground.  He built a hotel overlooking the bluff, a long ocean pier and bathhouse in 1912.

Cardiff still remains one of the most charming, yet unpretentious “seaside playgrounds” in San Diego.

Pictured above is the Cullen House, which is on the corner of Oxford and Norfolk.